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Jeanette Mills – Pre-K Teacher & Chicken Wrangler

In 2019 when Cypress School found itself in dire need of filling the position of Pre-Kindergarten teacher at mid-term, the board ask Jeanette Mills to co-teach the class while they sought a permanent solution.

Jeanette was volunteering in the class and willingly took the “interim” position to ensure the continuation of the program. Thus began her 4 th career as a Pre-K teacher, brought her out of “retirement”, and put her 30+ years of Sabbath School teaching experience to good use. After working in private elder-care for 20 years Mrs. Mills said “I work with 95-year-olds, not 5-year olds!” God had different plans and she found that she has a new “love” in her life. Our part-time program is a perfect “Post Retirement” activity and she finds that she eats, sleeps and dreams all things Pre-K.

“Every day is an adventure in our class and it’s so exciting to watch 4 and 5 year old children discover and learn whether it is something social, spiritual or academic.”

Last updated: 6-7-2023

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