Check Every Box on Your Private Education Dream List


As a Washington State approved school, grades 3-8 take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each year. Composite scores for each grade level consistently stay in the top 25th percentile range (75-99%). We contribute this to quality teaching, supportive parents, and a school board who work together to create a climate of academic excellence.

Cypress Adventist School uses a multi-age curriculum based on two or three grades per classroom. Our goal is to become a community of learners working together to make sure the individual grows. Students often work in teams (large or small) on projects or assignments.

We want to enable students to become lifelong learners and help them to discover tools for finding information and answers for themselves.


Each classroom attends music class twice weekly. Other opportunities to grow musically include joining the beginning hand chime or advanced hand bell choir. Also, individual lessons in piano and guitar are offered.


In today’s world, technology is constantly changing. In step with the increasing importance of computers in society, Cypress Adventist School has 30+ networked computers in the classrooms with a variety of age-appropriate software. Our technology program provides enrichment for most subjects. Students use them for research, writing and other assignments. Keyboarding skills are developed from grades 3-8. We have Wi-Fi on our campus.

Reading & Language

In addition to the school library, Cypress Adventist School has over 125 book sets in its literature set library. Many are Newberry Award winners. This enables an entire class to read, discuss and base projects on a literature piece together.


The math program includes a strong focus on problem-solving and introduces higher math concepts into the lower grades. Students do individual practice of math facts on line.


As a Seventh-day Adventist School, we teach Bible classes within the Judeo-Christian faith framework.  Bible stories are used for teaching character-building and life skills.  The nine year sequence covers much of the Bible. School-wide chapels are held weekly with guest speakers. Students lead in music and opening exercises.

We encourage our students to respect all religions and currently have students from a variety of Christian and non-Christian faiths in our classrooms.

Community Service

Service to others is an integral part of growth and learning. Service projects are planned both school-wide and within each classroom.

School-wide service events include: a fall food drive for Northwest Harvest, a Thanksgiving dinner for seniors, assisting a Seattle organization that provides Christmas gifts for local, needy families. Each spring we choose another service activity.  We have supported Walk for Diabetes, Jump Rope for Heart, St. Jude’s Mathathon, and the Leukemia Foundation.

Classroom service projects include: adopting a child from a 3rd-world country, visiting a local nursing home, making cards for the ill and elderly, packaging food at the Northwest Harvest warehouse, and responding to local needs as they come.

Physical Education

Cypress has regular PE classes with a focus on health and recreation. Classes are involved in the Presidential & National Physical Fitness Award Program.

Outdoor Education

At the beginning of each school year grades 6-8 participate in a three day science camp of environmental and nature education at the Walla Walla University Rosario Station near Anacortes.